About SEO Broadcasting

The ‘SEO Broadcasting Blog’ is an ad free, fluff-less blog to read about industry products, solutions, and brands. Be it Pro-Audio, Video, Transmission, Mobile, Satellite, and Standards. The purpose is to share with you a non-exhaustive and friendly look at the industry online presence and practices. Of course as always with a constructive intent in mind.

Born in Paris, France. I studied RF Electrotechnology and Electrical Engineering in Montreal, Canada. I then worked at the CBC Radio-Canada EHQ Montreal and CBC Toronto the first HDTV Broadcasting Center. Taking on the role of RF and Studio Systems Engineer. I am presently living in Jerusalem, Israel. I provide consulting services to startups, Pro-Audio, Video and Broadcast companies.

In the midst of the startup nation I joined various ventures. In broadcasting, health, digital strategies, and implementing SEO processes. Learning and applying the ever changing Google’s SEO and Webmaster General Guidelines.

Enjoy and please share,