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5 SEO Audit of

Below is an actual #SEO Audit I did on to illustrate important points on easily improving a well designed website structure.

Telemetrics Inc. is based in New Jersey and was founded about 50 years ago, it has been for many years the benchmark and touchstone in the camera control systems industry. It is safe to say many of the world broadcasting TV studios have at one time or another used some of their robotics products.


As the website was updated in January 2018, it is active in terms of regular ‘News’ posts, and the Support section is very well done with product information and well categorized. I did find some important technical and SEO related issues to highlight.

Firstly, with the amount of SKUs on the site a search box functionality would be important to add on the homepage. The search box in the post template does not seem to be responsive.

The homepage hero slider would need to be reformatted to be responsive, as images contained in the slider do not resize correctly when viewed on a tablet or more importantly on a mobile device. The homepage footer does not have the links to social media like in other posts. The ‘Videos’ section links directly to the Youtube channel. As well the Google My Business company profile is claimed but do not contain reviews nor product information.

The News single post template would need some graphic adjustments, it also provide the ‘Categories’ section at the bottom, it could be removed as it contains four categories with empty content. The footer is missing a sitemap, terms and conditions, and privacy policy pages.


Google’s Lighthouse mobile testing results:

18/100 Performance -76/100 Accessibility – 77/100 Best Practices – 79/100 SEO

GTMetrix desktop testing results:

Largest Contentful Paint 2.5s – Total Blocking Time 10ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0.01

Points for improvement:

There is a total page size of a 4.90MB with about 12 images to be optimized.

For such large company you would expect on the homepage or above the header on the homepage clickable contact information.

Datasheets of all the products would be helpful for indexing and retention if it was contained within the actual page and not only as a pdf attachment. 

Although the company is very well indexed for their main keyword, to show activity it would be good to increase reviews and social media exposure.

Lighthouse shows the time to interactive is 26.2 sec. It is the amount of time it takes for the page to become fully interactive.

At the time of this audit closed office dates shown in the contact page are showing 2021.

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