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6 SEO Audit of

Below is an actual #SEO Audit I did on to illustrate important points on easily improving a well designed website structure.

Bescor Video Accessories Ltd. is based in New York and was founded 40 years ago, it has been for many years the go-to place for camera and lighting batteries adapter, kits and cables. Available in the largest US distributors of AV and broadcast equipment, it counts hundreds of related products.


As the website was updated several times in recent years, it is made with Wix and looks outdated. The desktop structure of the site seems to be missing the main menu. On the mobile version the site does shows the menu icon with products subcategories and contact pages only.

Over time the structure, UX and UI of most websites are done with customer and visitor in mind, the visitor’s journey on a typical website expect to see and find important information to navigate around. Having to search for the contact or about page is distracting. As well unorganized categories could be frustrating for not easily finding what visitors are searching for.

The site being structured around an e-commerce site, to improve the customer experience the footer should ideally show, sitemap, terms and conditions as well as privacy policy pages.

Internal page search shows 529 internal pages for all listed products with some instruction manual pdfs.

The camera cross reference page is well populated and very useful to find battery compatibilities with various camera manufacturers.


Google’s Lighthouse mobile testing results:

39/100 Performance – 87/100 Accessibility – 100/100 Best Practices – 92/100 SEO

GTMetrix desktop testing results:

Largest Contentful Paint 0.7s – Total Blocking Time 36ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0

Points for improvement:

There is a total page size of a 1.79MB. As the home page contains only a single image montage and the .gif logo.

The homepage header in addition to the email, should also have the phone number clickable. 

Although there is a form to subscribe to the latest updates, adding social media links, latest news, and latest articles on the site would add in authoritativeness. Bescor products being easily searchable and found in various large distributors, having full description and specifications for all products in the website would help in indexing, referencing, retention and gaining in expertise and trustworthiness in the eyes of Google search results.

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