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7 SEO Audit of

Below is an actual #SEO audit I did on to highlight important points to improve optimization of a well designed website.

JLCooper Electronics is based in El Segundo, California. For over 40 years manufacturing hundreds of professional control, automation, synchronization and interfacing products. In the broadcasting industry JLCooper brand has been a recognized and well respected company for years. Without a doubt the legacy CS-1 and CS-10 control station users will agree.

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The current website layout dates back about ten years with a redirecting domain to a php index file. Although it is a secured https domain, in order to keep a clean canonical address the homepage would ideally be “” instead of “ “

The meta description of the site is missing and the homepage does not contain a description to be displayed in the Google result snippet.

Domain search shows 448 internal URLs. Ideally the search box functionality should be internal and keep visitors on the site, the search function redirects to a Google Programmable Search Engine page.

Over time the structure, UX and UI of most websites are done with customer and visitor retention in mind, the visitor’s journey on a typical website expects to see and find important information strategically placed to navigate around. As such, the design must be responsive for all screen sizes.

The site being structured around an ecommerce site, to improve and optimize the customer experience the footer should ideally show, sitemap, terms and conditions as well as privacy policy pages.

Lastly, the distributors page on the mobile browser shows graphic layout issues.


Lighthouse mobile testing:

89/100 Performance – 68/100 Accessibility – 100/100 Best Practices – 73/100 SEO

GTMetrix desktop testing:

Largest Contentful Paint 426ms – Total Blocking Time 0ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0.11

Points for improvement:

As per auditing tools results, the site is currently fast loading and performs well but I would strongly suggest making use of a more up to date e-commerce structure for stability and security.

Google My Business company is claimed and shows no reviews. The social media links in the footer are somewhat working and show last activity in June 2020. As per Lighthouse the social media links are shown to be non-crawlable as `href` attribute of anchor elements links to an inappropriate destination. Lastly, the email and mailing links in the footer are redirected to Mailchimp forms and could very well be on the site with APIs.

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