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Below is an actual #SEO audit I did on ACETEK website. Highlighting #webdesign issues, I provide insights on how-to optimize a well designed website.

Acetek is an established brand in high end professional fiber optic solutions, video distribution, studio intercom systems, camera sliders, and zoom/focus controllers. Lead by Eagle Beaming International since 1980, a Taiwan based company with an american sales branch Eagle America Sales Corp. since 2010. The company is also known for Acebil and Ianiro Led brands in the industry. Counting about a hundred of their products and accessories, ACETEK can be found in major North and South American AV and broadcast distributors.

1- Summary:

The current website structure is outdated and more importantly the first thing I would point out is the fact the domain is http and is not secured with https a secure protocol encryption.

Using the same website theme template, various selections for the country region in the header actually redirect to for the American region while the spanish and portuguese are only a translation of the main menu, addresses, and not of the whole content.

Similarly Acebil ( and Ioniro ( related brands are also unsecured and use the same theme template. The only secured and updated site found is the European version of Acebil ( based in Spain. In addition, in the footer the link to Ace Gear Rental points to an inactive external site since mid 2018 (

The social media links located on the header shows very little activity nor even presence in Linkedin. Product pages do provide documentation and manual links but are poor in on-page specifications.

It is a good practice in order to improve and optimize the customer experience that the footer includes sitemap, terms and conditions as well as privacy policy pages.

Domain search shows 223 internal URLs. Ideally the search box functionality should be internal and keep visitors on the site, the search function redirects to Programmable Search Engine page.

2- Testing:

Lighthouse mobile:

58/100 Performance – 62/100 Accessibility – 69/100 Best Practices – 90/100 SEO

GTMetrix desktop:

Largest Contentful Paint 973ms – Total Blocking Time 0ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0.16

3 – Points for improvement:

The load size of the site is 1.63MB with optimized hero images.

The long list of keywords found in the meta source code will not have any more effect as it used to, and a new site structure will have more relevant indexing results with an SEO plugin at a page per page basis.

Footer’s date, press release posts, news and events articles as well as the latest catalog dates back to 2019 and should be updated. The link to ‘Parts’ is a broken link.

Searching for product manuals, specs or parts, it appears many on product pages are ‘coming soon’ pdfs or dead links, it would be best not to have a link option if no document exists.

Lastly, the ‘Acetex E-News’ link in the footer points to the ‘coming-soon’ Ace Gear Rental page.

4 – Final thoughts:

Basically, the domain needs first to be secured and the site structure and design should be redone.

This will help in centralizing all the content within the same root domain. An actual multi-language domain, well structured, will help Google in sorting out regions and results per respective queries. The contact page will therefore list all addresses of all regions covered. Posts, articles and social media presence should be regularly updated.

Please connect, comment and share, as the aim here is learning, improving, and to remain constructive 🙂

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