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2 SEO Audit of

Below is an actual #SEO Audit I did on to illustrate important points on easily improving a well designed website structure.

In the broadcasting industry for 40 years! I have known Beck TV for about 25, and as always they are well known for their wide variety of solutions and system integration projects.


The site is very clean and not obstructed with useless content, although a customized template it is easy to navigate. The mobile menu version seems to be overlapping and oddly placed and would need some touch up fix. Visiting the social media links shows that the company keep posting updates.

First the oddly placed ‘About Us’ on the top right of the header seems to have a broken menu and wrongly configured. 

The ‘latest news’ section of the home page seems to have dead links on their titles. Minor thing but links should be directed to internal pages to provide details on the latest news and similarly to latest projects, so the site looks more up to date and provide more original content to be indexed..

The video section or more so the company’s Youtube channel should feature short reviews of actual latest projects to improve on retention.

At the time of this Audit the ‘brochure’ link of the header menu is a dead link, so no company brochure. Small detail, for some reason there is no sitemap, cookies disclaimer, terms of services nor privacy terms pages.. As a suggestion, it is customary to have the top header and bottom footer phone number and email clickable. 

Lastly, the bottom footer should be updated to reflect the copyright of BeckTV and remove the website template name “© Copyright 2019 Indurance All Rights Reserved.”


Google’s Lighthouse mobile testing results:

28/100 Performance – 87/100 Accessibility – 69/100 Best Practices – 89/100 SEO

GTMetrix desktop testing results:

Largest Contentful Paint 1.5s – Total Blocking Time 140ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0.06

Points for improvement:

There is a total page size of a whopping 9.5MB. There is about 17 images to be optimized..with some over 1Mb images. Only this would greatly improve the site performance. Structure and internal linking, as well as improving the articles/projects content.

The company’s long list of actual clients got so impressive over the years, it should be reflected in reviews of the company’s Google My Business Reviews which counts only 3 reviews.

Please connect, comment and share, as the aim here is learning, improving, and to remain constructive 🙂