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3 SEO Audit of

Below is an actual #SEO Audit I did on to illustrate important points on easily improving a well designed website structure.

It is safe to say that everyone knows about Kramer Electronics (1981) in the AV and broadcasting industry, I have known Kramer AV since the late 80’s, and the company has grown from an analog audio adapter and converter box to many many, did I say many products.. The latest in Analog and Digital AV products. Providing AV solutions, ‘black boxes’ and cables needed in most installations. 


As the website have been updated about 6 years ago in June 2016, the structure is since pretty much the same and got larger and larger over the years. Providing access to all products subcategories and all countries it really makes the site domain and subdomains structure very complex. Although very well indexed, the thousands of SKUs will eventually when time comes, be a challenge for any large scale page structure optimization and indexing. The company does have ‘press releases’, some dated ‘in the press’, and an active social media presence, as a product manufacturer it would be very valuable for retention on the site to have more SKUs with photos/videos and actual customer reviews. I noted that for particular products, some Kramer distributors are coming first in search results over the Kramer’s own website.

General performance of the mobile site is quite low on testing and very slow to display on desktop, I did find some minor issues in SEO good practices, like it does not have a meta description, some links do not have descriptive text, image elements do not have [alt] attributes, and some non crawlable links. On the homepage itself at the time of this audit, the Google map does not appear on any browsers at the footer next to the contact form, for some countries it displays the same map link to the company’s headquarter shows as a broken icon.

Lastly, as the shopping cart is only for quote requests, I was looking for a list of local distributors which does not appear to be on the site, I found the offices internal page which actually needs updating, see: “About” / “Worldwide Offices” link


Google’s Lighthouse mobile testing results:

8/100 Performance -70/100 Accessibility – 62/100 Best Practices – 70/100 SEO

GTMetrix desktop testing results:

Largest Contentful Paint 15.1s – Total Blocking Time 310ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 1.43

Points for improvement:

There is a total page size of a whopping 8.62MB. There is about 20 images to be optimized.. with a 1.13Mb image that is not even a hero image so it could be optimized. Only this would greatly improve the site performance. The company’s long list of products and clients over many years should be reflected in Google My Business Reviews which it seems counts only 3 reviews. Lastly, I went over the search and catalog page and it looks like it is not all that responsive and could be currently in construction. On a personal note, it is impressive and kudos for the effort on having a pretty well translated products in french for the France market, so it should not be a big deal to have a FR site link for Canada Quebec french speaking customers.. 🙂

Important note for general knowledge: Google’s John Mueller confirmed on his December 31st 2021 SEO hangout here that poorly translated subdomain for other languages could affect the main domain.

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